Monday, January 28, 2013

The beginning of the end

Well hi folks. Which is pretty much no one.
Today is my last first day of school ever. That is so weird to say. It's like I'm riding a train, and the train is pummeling toward a giant abyss, and for a while it had been going moderately slowly, and then this morning, the conductor kicked it into overdrive and I am just watching the end of the tracks approach and disappear over the edge of a cliff. It's so scary to think that there are only 15 weeks standing between me and the mystery that is my future. I have no idea what's coming next, and that scares me. Thank God for T.J. Maxx--at least I have that guarantee, until I walk away from them. (Knock on wood--with my luck, they will fire me now because I said that).

Anyway, I had two classes this morning, and then I have two others tomorrow afternoon. So far, my classes seem pretty cool.

I'm taking the second installment of Music History, and he's hilarious (and yes, he really does look like House's Dr. Wilson). But he asked for all the non-majors to stop and see him after class, and he let the four of us know that he doesn't assume that non-majors have the same time to devote to this course than majors do, so at the end of the semester, he'll ask us to write our names on a sheet of paper, and we will find our grades magically raised (Basically, he says he tends to give us a full letter grade higher). This is awesome, even though I did great in 263 last semester, because who knows how this will go.

American Literary Landmarks seems great too. The books are American classics, so I'll be able to dig into them with more interest than some of the other texts I've touched.

(Sidenote: There is a girl standing in front of me with a T-Swift RED backpack on--I wanna be best friends.)

Anyway, I'll have to update this tomorrow when I've been to my other classes: Myth and Symbol (with Professor Nez!) and Senior Sem (-gulp-)

EDIT:  So my Tuesday classes were just as interesting as my Monday ones. Myth and Symbol is gonna be awesome. I know next to nothing about Greek mythology, but I'm just stoked to take anther class with Nez.
And Senior Sem...well that class is awkward. It's full of English majors (obviously) but I don't really know any of them, or have any friends in the class. Which sucks--as usual. The workload is a little intense, but not too too bad.

oh man...I still can't believe that it's almost over. damn.

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