Monday, May 11, 2009

Ohh House Season Finale - How you torment my poor heart.

If you didn't already know, I am a self-proclaimed House addict. I am to House as Gregory House is to vicodin. Basically. I am also a Huddy shipper, meaning that I think House and Cuddy are the OTP...or one true pairing. So I have been highly anticipating the last two episodes of the season. Why? Because it was highly rumored that there would be a House/Cuddy hook-up. last week, we got our very first taste...we got the House/Cuddy kiss(es). And I was so happy. And waiting for this week's episode so we could see the fall-out from the happenings between my OTP. And boy did we get some fall-out. *sigh*

So here is my reaction:

Initally, I was screaming at the television. "What? OMG NOO! How can this be happening? What are you doing? What is going on?" I was bawling, and going nuts, and scaring the crap out of my roommates. Then I let it sink in a little. I got on the phone with my friend Jordyn, who I got addicted to the show after two weeks ago. We started discussing and analyzing the show, and I started to come to terms with what happened.

House hallucinated. Everything. From the moment just before he asked Cuddy for help, through the detox, the 'interesting lunatic' conversation, right up to the kiss...& the post-kiss. & I am devastated that it was all in his head.

But look at all the new story-lines to be found. All the things he was saying in this episode...the wondering about the House/Cuddy relationship, the 'moving in together' "joke"...that was all his subconcious mind speaking about what he is really thinking about up there.

His being committed due to a psychotic break is something in and of itself. I am so excited to see the fall-out from all of this; with his team, with Wilson & of course with Cuddy. I am excited to see the way the writers "fix" what is going on in his mind, and see what comes of House in season six.

I loved the way this episode played out, and while I wish that the Huddy could have been real..I think that this way will make the next season of House even more interesting.

I also know a lot of people are upset because they think the show is losing it's medical focus. And while it's true House is a medical is ultimately about the character of House, and while the medical mysteries are interesting and important...I enjoy watching House's character development even more. There can be more than one focus in any television series, and I think House has a good balance.

Oh, and more more thing: Hugh, and Lisa...are beyond incredible. Emmy-worthy acting tonight, without a doubt.

There ends my reaction to the House season 5 finale, "Both Sides Now." I'm telling you, if you don't already watch the show; start! It's so worth watching. Smart writing, amazing acting, and interesting storylines. Get caught up over the summer, and then in Fall, when we see our beloved diagnostician once again, you will understand what is going on. So until September - House, PLEASE be okay :(

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