Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Shoulda been much further then this by now; a little bit more gone, a little less twisted around.

Shoulda been much better you’d think, but I’m not. I’m still stuck; I’m still here, in this rut.

Looking back on everything that we had; Holding on to words that we can’t take back.

What am I to do with the past, when it’s all that I have, & I can’t get you back?

Now I wait by the phone in the dark, drunk on hope.

I’m so lost; I’m so alone & I just want you to know--

Everywhere that I go, I’m reminded of us:

Where we’ve been, all we’ve done, & all the love that we shared...

Once, you made the world feel so right.

Once, you were my morning, noon & night.

Why’d we slip away? Why did it all change? How will I ever be the same?

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